Tomás Ford’s Bathtime Fun!
Tomás Ford’s Bathtime Fun!

Building on the success of his hit COVID-19 Ukulele Floorshow in March, this time, alternative cabaret royalty Tomás Ford invites you to join him for a show designed to be performed in – and watched from – the cosy-ness of a warm bath.

Join him for a moment of social unity, as he croons you through an hour of bathtime fun of your own. Featuring new arrangements of songs built around samples from around his house, the warm sound of his synths and the gentle wafting of ukulele. And whatever happens when he inevitably loses control of the situation.

Saturday May 9

7pm Perth | 9pm East Coast Australia
11pm New Zealand | 4am USA Pacific | 7am EST (New York) | 11am GMT (London)

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Artists: Tomás Ford
Genres: Past Shows

7pm AWST (Perth) | 9pm AEST (Melbourne) | 11pm New Zealand 7am EST (New York) | 11am GMT (London)