Strangely: Roaring Accordion And Delicious Pancakes
Strangely: Roaring Accordion And Delicious Pancakes

Live from a secret cabin full of owl figurines in the far north-west of the USA, accordion-destroying cabaret troublemaker Strangely Doesburg presents an hour that’ll double as either a debauched late night accordion singalong for Australians, or a rowdy breakfast wake-up call for his American fans. Either way, he’s making pancakes.

You’ve never seen anyone like Strangely – his sweetly gruff, high energy take on cabaret is born of years playing bars and street corners around the world. He’ll take you through an hour of his best songs and some especially Strangely-fied covers. Grab a whiskey (especially if it’s breakfast) – this is a party show.

Saturday April 11

9pm Australian WST (Perth) | 11pm Australian EST (Melbourne) | 1am (NZ)
6am American Pacific Time (Bellingham) | 9am American EST (New York) | 1pm GMT (London)

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