Tomás Ford: Come Have A Bath With Me?
Tomás Ford: Come Have A Bath With Me?

Turn on the tap, put a bluetooth speaker and your screen somewhere that it won’t electrocute you, and get ready to have a bath with Tomás Ford.

Known for the punk rock anarchy of his late night parties, Tomás has spent the shutdown mastering streaming, and thinking about the best way to share an experience with an audience through the internets. He’s settled on sharing a bath with you and playing you all the synth-and-ukulele-at-a-cabaret-bar new songs he’s written while stuck at home – plus collaborations with lyrics by friends from around the comedy circuit. It’s going to be a unique hour of songs from and about the bath, the current apocalypse and every other musical brain-dump Tomás has had as he pushes the limits of his streaming skills to make sure you have the most luxxe bath imaginable.

Don’t worry, there’s no full frontal nudity. It’s a relaxing hour in the bath. Let yourself have this.

(Don’t worry, nobody will see you – this isn’t a bloody Zoom chat)

Image by Karen Lowe Photography.

Artists: Tomás Ford

Saturday July 11

7pm AWST (Perth) | 9pm AEST (Melbourne) | 11pm New Zealand 7am EST (New York) | 12pm GMT (London)